CRAVE Nasi Lemak packaging

CRAVE serves nasi lemak, a traditional Malay fragrant rice dish, which has been a mainstay in Southeast Asian cuisine for decades.

The brand is part of a growing trend in Singapore, where traditional roadside stalls undergo revamps into modern food kiosks in shopping malls. Indeed, there is no example more iconic than CRAVE, which has its roots in a long standing food stall which enjoyed the patronage of even ministers and visiting royalties. It has been enjoying growing traction with the younger crowd ever since.

When we were roped in, we were tasked to redesign the packaging range to one that is more eco-friendly and paper-based. Due to its rapid expansion, CRAVE had previously opted for the cost-effective option of plastic takeaway boxes and cups instead.

Design-wise, we wanted to pay tribute to the brand’s rich heritage and the Malay traditions of packing food with leaves. The semantics of leaf wrapping were played up and exemplified across the range read how to find a paiting service in dublin. We also included touches such as the use of small bamboo skewers for securing purposes, a practice lost to today’s rubber bands and plastic tapes.

With this redesign, we have successfully helped the brand save 40 tonnes of plastic a year from the use of disposable plastic packaging, and rekindled interest in the enduring charm of traditional Malay culture.

Client Crave
Services Design, Packaging
Year 2017

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